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West London Line Station

Ian Ritchie Architects were commissioned by Chelsfield plc to re-conceive a Master Plan and Architecture for the urban regeneration of approximately 15 hectares at White City, London, as a local and regional shopping and leisure destination together with the creation of new public transport interchanges and community facilities for West London Line Station: Perspective (render)west London.
The West London Line Station at Whitecity forms part of the Southern Interchange, a major transport node and gateway to the Whitecity development.  Analysis suggests that 50% of the pedestrian traffic to and from the Whitecity development will arrive/depart via the Southern Interchange.
The overall composition of the Southern Interchange extends the regenerative effect of the Whitecity development beyond the confines of the development site by making a physical connection to Uxbridge Road.

The Shepherd’s Bush West London Line Station establishes a relatively discreet presence at the Holland Park Roundabout/ Uxbridge Road junction.  The scale of the station matches that of the proposed remodelled Shepherd’s Bush Central Line Station and the new commercial units on the opposite side of the Southern Interchange.

West London Line Station: Station bridge link

The formal layout of the station building and footbridge establishes a visual connection to the existing pedestrian routes adjacent to Holland Park Roundabout. This is beneficial to pedestrians and station users in respect of promoting passive surveillance and animating the existing external pedestrian routes.
The station presents an attractive and user friendly entry and exit to the surface rail network consistent with the high standard of design established for the Whitecity development.  It was completed in 2007.

West London Line Station

London, UK

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