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Central Line Station, Shepherds Bush

Central Line Station, Shepherds Bush: Ventilation study 02Ian Ritchie Architects  were commissioned by London Underground Marketing & Planning Department to undertake a feasibility study for the sub-surface structure of Shepherd’s Bush Station.

The purpose of this study was to investigate improvements to the existing station in respect of easing congestion and providing step-free access from street to platform level.

In the early stages of the study the design team explored the scope of what might be done to address the capacity issues. This ranged from minor alterations to a complete rebuild of the entire station. From this initial analysis the client identified a desire to progress the study on the basis of modifications / improvements to the existing station. The team then identified aspects of the study for further investigation, which concerned:

–   Congestion Relief
–   Introduction of third escalator
–   Introduction of stair(s) and lift access down to platform level
–   Escape / Fire Strategy
–   Draught Relief

These issues were studied individually and formed the base ingredients for a series of developed options presented to London Underground in 2004.  The project was executed by others and somehow failed to offer step-free access to platform level.

Central Line Station, Shepherds Bush

London, UK

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