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Wurzburg Station Canopy

Wurzburg Station Canopy: Internal perspectiveIan Ritchie Architects were commissioned by Würzburg City and Straßenbahn in December 1995 to design & engineer a new canopy for the front of Würzburg Station.

This canopy will provide a continuous 150m long, 15m wide cover between the coach terminal to the west, the new Straßenbahn stop in front of the station & the taxi area to the east.

The canopy will be the first physical expression of the reorganisation of the town square, and will coincide with the realignment of the Straßenbahn tracks and overhead conductors.

The design is based upon two cantenary forms and minimal structure, and will use cold-bent toughened laminated glass for the overhead glazing. The view from the town square will reveal a simple fine glass line edge from which a gentle form curves towards the station.  At the junction between the two catenaries, the glass will be white and uplit to illuminate both the canopy and the public area below. The light fittings will be integrated into the columns.

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Wurzburg Station Canopy

Würzburg, Germany

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