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Woodberry Down Masterplan

Woodberry Down Masterplan: Sketch site section

Ian Ritchie Architects were asked by Berkeley Homes in 2006 to undertake a masterplan for a 24ha site in north London. The brief asked us to try and increase the housing density of the masterplan which had received permission. This required a quantum shift from 5,000 to 9000 homes of mixed tenure, commercial and retail development, education and social facilities, and mixed use.

A distinct and memorable place will be achieved by:

– a large central park which would house shared facilities of sports, play areas and park which at the same time will ‘insulate’ the adjacent properties from a major road through the centre of the site
– variety of housing types: low rise 3 storey, medium rise 6-8 storey and towers of 30-40 storeys
– all housing types aspire to environmental targets approaching net zero carbon emissions reflected in their site layout and design
– commercial and retail development primarily around Manor House tube station
– engaging the existing and future communities in the redevelopment process, its phased realisation and opening up economic opportunities for them in the future

A study of complementary land use, development phasing and transport in terms of economic, social and environmental sustainability is leading towards a masterplan that will take account of major future risks and opportunities for the developer and community who would be involved in its development and occupation.
It is one of two schemes evaluated by the London Borough of Hackney and the GLA.

Woodberry Down Masterplan

London, UK

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