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Sonic Boom 27th April – 18th June 2000

Sonic Boom: Gallery 5 — Philip Jeck (rear wall), Scanner/Katarina MatiasekThe Hayward Gallery, London, invited Ian Ritchie Architects to design the first ever exhibition dedicated to sound art – an exhibition to curated by David Toop.

We created a striking visual and spatial experience embracing sound in which the visitor becomes immersed. Our design played with the scale, nature and volumes of the walls and enclosures and with carefully planned ‘sound spills’ to subliminally draw the visitor on further. The architecture was on the verge of absence.

The layout of the art pieces allowed them to be experienced fully both individually and as a sequence. Particular attention was given to the route through the whole installation and to the emotional journey. We worked closely with the artists to use the exciting opportunities offered by the constraints of the existing gallery space and the nature of the sound pieces in order to create an unexpected scenography. The entrance to an installation would be gradually revealed as the visitor’s attention shifted from one piece to the next.

Like the works of art themselves, the lighting varied whileremaining significantly low overall. We therefore opted for rather ethereal labelling using paper-thin electro-luminescent technology originally developed by Russian scientists.

Sonic Boom 27th April - 18th June 2000

Hayward Gallery, London, UK

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