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Ingolstadt Light Exhibition

Ingolstadt Light Exhibition: Light tunnel 02We were invited along with 30 internationally renowned architects to take part in a ‘Light and Architecture’ exhibition as part of the Bavarian garden festival ’92 in Ingolstadt.

In one of the wonderful white rooms of the ‘Triva’ tower – an oval gunnery building by the classical architect von Klenze, we proposed to create a special installation, rather than simply exhibit photographs of our work.

This consisted of an all-glass tunnel clad externally with black glass (negating light) and internally with a specially coated glass with ‘light memory’. The light coating was developed with Pilkington and exhibited for the first time at Ingolstadt.

Visitors could write and draw on the glass using light pens, a flashlight regularly created slowly fading shadows of the visitors, and architectural images were projected onto the glass floor. The installation was completed with a trapped sunflower in front of the window, and an illuminated table inscribed with future ideas of light

The installation was the only interactive exhibit in the exhibition and was especially appreciated by children.

Ingolstadt Light Exhibition

Ingolstadt, Germany

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