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Victoria Insurance

Victoria InsuranceIan Ritchie Architects were invited by Hentrich-Petschnigg and Partners architects – winners of an international competition in 1992- to collaborate with them in the design and realisation of a new office complex for Victoria Insurance in Düsseldorf.

We were asked to develop proposals for the spatial organisation and glazed enclosure for the space between the two principal linear office blocks – roof, end walls and main entrances at ground level.  The landscaped atrium 90m long, 40m wide and 35m high provides reception, relaxation and meeting areas for the staff and will include vertical circulation towers and link bridges between the offices at the upper levels.

The diagonally oriented structure is composed of shallow primary arches at 6.25m centres from which the envelope of double glazed glass panels are suspended by steel assemblies, and incorporate perimeter ventilation and smoke extract openings.

Victoria Insurance

Düsseldorf, Germany

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