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Millennium Dome

Sports Dome: Field configuration 02 planDesigns for an International Indoor Sports Stadium
We were invited by the Sports Council in 1999 to investigate the possibility of converting the Millennium Dome at the Greenwich Peninsular for potential use as a major football venue, an indoor athletics venue and Olympic swimming pool.
We developed alternative schemes for an arena seating from 20,000 up to 80,000, together with other smaller sports activities, and retail and restaurant facilities. Creating a hole in the roof at its centre would allow the Millennium Dome at its maximum 80,000 capacity to be considered as the outdoor arena for Olympic athletics.
Subsequently, in response to the Government’s tender invitation to the business sector, Chelsfield PLC invited us to assess the potential for a major multi-sports venue within the Dome, as well as the regeneration of the surrounding land.

Millennium Dome

London, UK

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