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Merrion Road

Merrion Road: Perspective 4With the aim of providing a high-quality mixed-use environment, Mountbrook Merrion Road Development Limited wished to develop a key site of 1.51 hectares in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.
The client wishes to create a world-class exemplar of, innovative high-density development on this landmark site.
Although lying just outside the central core of Dublin City Centre, Ballsbridge attracts a significant volume of regular commuters and periodic visitors.
With its broad range of commercial, exhibition, hospitality and sport facilities, the area is firmly established as a destination for both national and international events.
Supported by excellent public transport links and a mature pedestrian and public space realm, the proposed development is well situated to contribute to the vitality and mixed-use nature of Ballsbridge.
The inclusion of new public space and soft landscape will engage directly with the RDS complex opposite the site.
With more prestigious developments concentrating around Ballsbridge, the provision of a significant quantum of new commercial office space will bring with it an increased working population that will support the local retail and hospitality economies.

Merrion Road

Ballsbridge, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

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