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Maltepe Evleri

Maltepe Evleri: West facade study perspectiveWe were invited by Yapi Merkezi to prepare proposals for a housing development to accommodate 1500 homes on a site adjacent to the very busy D100 road which connects Istanbul with Ankara. We established some design principle which informed the master plan and housing designs. The scale of the development would attract attention and the client was keen that it should have iconic status to help its marketing.  The design challenges current markets and trends for Istanbul.
It would inevitably become a local district landmark, an important social resource and has the potential to be an exemplar for future earthquake-safe housing.
We set out to:
– ensure that everyone gets to see the sea and minimise the impact of the D100.
– provide quality privileged living for inhabitants.
– plan for future transport infrastructure.
– to connect with the existing urban fabric.
– to create of sense of community with well-positioned and safe social spaces.
– to exploit the climate and solar energy to reduce energy demand.
– meet open space requirements.

The landmark buildings are located 30 metres into site in an east-west orientation
away from the D100 motorway, and an acoustic and visual barrier to the motorway protects the lower floors of the development. The landscape is an inclined plateau maximising service areas and sea views, while providing secure parking separate from street environment.
The intention is to create a silent, secret paradise with an intimacy and emotional feel of an extended home.

Maltepe Evleri

Istanbul, Turkey

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