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Ian Ritchie Architects together with Castaldi Lighting and Ulrike Brandi Licht, have designed a LED Lighting Fixture named ‘Levita’. After considering a number of commercial indirect-uplighter options for a large office project in Malta, Ian Ritchie Architects and Ulrike Brandi Licht realised that these were generating hotspots in the ceiling rather than the desired diffused light. The design of Levita involved a rigorous research and development programme with Castaldi to achieve a perfect light uniformity on the ceiling; an energy efficient design exploiting an intense asymmetric direct beam. The single shell design responds to different mounting configurations – column-mounted, wall-mounted and floor standing – while achieving a simple and elegant
desired industrial appearance.

Levita has been designed specifically to illuminate large working spaces only with indirect light. The lamp fittings are installed only on vertical surfaces thus leaving the ceiling completely clean and free to reflect all the light. In particular, for the project for which this product was designed and developed, Levita can be quickly installed through an adjustable gravitational hook fastening on steel rings encircling the structural columns and folded steel plates to walls.

The shape recalls the ‘trident’ that gives the business campus its name – Trident Park. The uniqueness of the product lies in the high quality of the light emission, created by mixing light beams oriented in specific directions from LEDs and high efficiency linear lenses. The luminaire emits light extensively over a wide area without creating hotspots on the ceiling, and delivers a very high uniformity of illuminance, despite the relatively large distance between luminaires. This is not achievable with any traditional internal luminaire products.

Levita designers: Ian Ritchie, Ian Ritchie Architects Ltd, London and Ulrike Brandi, Ulrike Brandi Licht, Hamburg.
Manufacturer: Castaldi Lighting Spa, Milan.
Installer: Panta, Malta.
Client: Trident Park Limited, fully owned subsidiary of Trident Estates plc.