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Humber Bridge Masterplan

In early 2018 the Humber Bridge Board (HBB) commissioned Ian Ritchie Architects to develop a masterplan to help define its strategic priorities and business case over the next ten years.

Building on the success of Hull’s City of Culture 2017 programme, the HBB aims to deliver a strategic masterplan that will inspire and stimulate Humber’s inhabitants, using the Humber’s iconic landmark as the catalyst while complementing existing national and regional strategic plans.

The Humber Bridge is unique in the variety of experiences it offers while being crossed and observed. Working in collaboration with a team comprised of Gustafson Porter and Bowman, Atelier One, Atelier Ten, Regeneris, Equals, BDP Transport, artist Jem Finer and with the client’s advisor Fourth Street, our strategy seeks to create a sense of place by appealing to the auditory and visual senses of those interacting with the bridge when in a car, on a bicycle, on foot, or simply looking at the bridge from afar.

The masterplan proposes a phased strategy over ten years to integrate the Humber Bridge Board’s land with Humber Bridge Country Park to create an engineered landscape of experiences and activities designed to encourage an appreciation of, and participation in, the Humber Bridge’s history, engineering, and the surrounding landscape.

The intent during this time period is to gradually revitalise the Humber Bridge as an ever more enticing and enjoyable destination. Accordingly, each phase of the masterplan builds on previous phases to inform and grow the destination offer while celebrating and promoting the Humber’s strengths. The ultimate objective is to advance the region’s economic and inward investment agenda.

The strategic masterplan was adopted in August 2018.

Humber Bridge Masterplan

Humber Bridge Masterplan

Hull, UK

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