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Ecole Maternelle, Daours

We won the competition in 1992 to design an extension to the existing Daours Primary School in the Somme, France.
The concept consisted of a contemporary ‘reflection’ of the existing building, and by so doing we created between the existing and the new a spatially exciting common external covered and internal entrance.
A new reception area and four new adaptable classroom spaces and wet areas were provided.
The structural and surface materials are predominantly naturally stained coloured wood, which, with clear glass provides a light and emotionally warm environment. Other materials were included to provide a didactic role for the building, allowing it to act as a sensual stimulus to both children and staff.
These included transparent rainwater pipes, fabric canopies and copper roofing , and a planted landscape screen to the south which helps screen the main teaching areas and provides a covered intermediate zone between the building and the soft landscaped external play area building acts as a sensual stimulus to both children and staff.

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École Maternelle

Daours, France

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