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Bursa Stadium

Bursa Stadium: Aerial perspectiveWe were invited in 2007 to explore the potential of a new stadium for Bursaspor together with a multi- sports centre including an Olympic standard swimming pool.

The site is located to the north of the city centre adjacent to the D575 and is well served by roads, and an enhanced public transport system is proposed. The relocation of Bursaspor Atatürk Stadium would make available a beautiful city centre site overlooking parkland.The stadium was designed to meet the UEFA guidelines and to seat 40,000 and car parking for up to 8,000 cars. It was conceived to be economical by exploiting a standard section based upon a two-tier stand which was partially dug into the site.
The resulting appearance was a stadium sitting upon a five metre mound with a roof appearing to float above the stands. The raised level enabled a ground level piazza to be created to the south of the stadium with retail on two levels and the integration of the swimming pool basketball and other sporting facilities beneath the extended floating roof.

Bursa Stadium

Bursa, Turkey

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