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Quality Assurance

ritchie*studio has formal ISO 9001: 2015 accreditation

ritchie*studio aims to provide a consistent, competent and professional service which is focused on satisfying the requirements and expectations of our clients and end users. The qualities which characterize this service are also reflected in our day to day relationships with professional colleagues and other members of the construction team.

The service is supported by the following additional policy aims:

Management Policy:
To embrace the quality management principles and requirements outlined in ISO 9001:2015 as a framework for improving performance and consistently achieving client satisfaction.

Staff Policy:
To strive to create and maintain a humane work environment where staff are encouraged and given opportunities to continuously improve their skills.

Environmental Policy:
To embrace the principles of sustainable development in our designs.

Health and Safety Policy:
To provide a safe working environment and to incorporate the best health and safety practices in the discharge of our duties as designers.

By means of the development and implementation of the Quality Management System, the Practice demonstrates clear and controlled systematic working methods. This system is subject to regular review to ensure its continuing effectiveness and relevance to the Practice requirements and to provide for continuing improvement.

Quality Assurance Processes

Quality control is central to all ritchie*studio activities. It is the essence of realising our architecture and leaving both a satisfied client and user. We have had no claim on our PI insurance in thirty years of practice.

Our work in the Rail Industry has demanded significantly higher standards of quality management consistent with meeting the relevant parts of BS 50126:1999 Railway Applications: The Specification and Demonstration of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety.
In order to achieve this ritchie*studio have implemented an ISO 9001 compliant Quality Management System with specific additional requirements to meet the Railway Industry Standards on transport infrastructure projects. The combined processes have been extensively audited by independent organizations and a formal accreditation as both architectural and lead designers has been received from London Underground Ltd.

Implementation of the QMS has had a number of beneficial effects and has contributed to a continual improvement in the service that ritchie*studio provide to its clients. ritchie*studio quality assurance processes ensure that client, funder, stakeholder and user requirements are rigorously developed, recorded and monitored. Formal project reviews are carried out by a senior member of staff during key project stages to verify project requirements and all technical and design submissions are signed off by a Projects Director. All project changes are rigorously controlled by a Change Control process. The QMS also has processes which require feedback both during the project development phases as well as post completion.

Our aim is continuously to improve upon our already established standards.