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Health and Safety Policy

ritchie*studio are currently pursuing formal ISO 45001:2018 accreditation.

ritchie*studio considers health and safety at work to be of fundamental importance. We have always strived to create a humane organisation where the welfare of people is of central concern. This applies to our own employees and to those who visit our premises, but it also affects those with whom we collaborate, those to whom we provide our professional skills and the users of the buildings we design. Since operating our Health and Safety Policy from 1990 we have had no reportable incidents.

General Policy

Policy in relation to employees and persons visiting ritchie*studio premises:

Policy in relation to professional services:

Risk Assessment:

The Practice, in accordance with the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and using competent persons, will make suitable and sufficient assessment of all relevant risks or hazards affecting:

The assessments will be recorded and any required changes will be made and recorded accordingly.