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Ethical Policy

Ritchie Studio seeks to achieve better social and environmental design solutions in our work through genuine collaboration and intelligent design.

Every individual in our office, and those with whom we collaborate, are treated as equals.

We do not believe that hierarchies should exist in an intellectual and creative atmosphere.

We do not allow prejudice to influence the design process, nor do we accept that design apartheid should exist between professionals.

We recognise that the job, not our job, is the essential driver of successful working relationships.

Our aim is to achieve the very highest standards in design and in the manner in which we undertake our work.

All individuals in our practice are aware that their contributions are vital to the success of the projects that we undertake together for our clients, and that their actions should reflect the highest standards of ethical behaviour.

Our attitude towards others, and the society in which we live, directly informs the way we work.

We will not accept commissions that we consider may irrevocably damage the environment, involve military activity or the marketing of civilian firearms, undermine successful democratic or indigenous social structures, or engage with authorities or companies that are known to be party to the abuse of human rights or that contravene international treaties, promote adult entertainment, predatory lending, tobacco, and other addictive drugs.

We are not prepared to compromise our ethics for profit.