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Environmental performance success at Trident Park

The Mediterranean recently experienced an unprecedented heatwave. In July, the island of Malta faced eight consecutive days of 40-degree heat, peaking at 43 degrees.

The Trident Park project has been designed without air-conditioning. Instead, it uses a thermally active building system to cool the structural slabs, thereby utilising the thermal mass of the building to maintain an ambient indoor temperature of 24 degrees.

As part of our post-completion reviews with our client, we asked how the building performed during this heatwave. Despite hitting 43 degrees the Chief Operations Officer was pleased to report that the ‘TABS performed very well… overall, we had comfortable spaces indeed… very reassuring.’

Additionally, a recent evaluation of the on-site PVs reported that the annual generation capacity exceeded the expected output. The PV array across Trident Park generated close to 400,000kWh of electricity, equivalent to power 127 homes (average power consumption) in the UK for one year.

(c) Joe Smith