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Spire of Dublin 20th Anniversary

ritchie*studio are very proud and feel privileged to have had their design not only selected by the International Jury, chaired by Joan O’Connor, but to have witnessed the acceptance of the Spire by thousands of Dubliners who came to see the lift of the final section on 21st January 2003. It was quite a moving day. This lift had been delayed for a couple of weeks because of the very windy weather.

“Elegance and style with none of Nelson’s bulk or baggage.” Sam Stephenson

We would like to thank all those who have participated in the Spire’s realisation, notably our client, Dublin City Council, represented by the City Manager, The City Architect and the O’Connell Street Team for their perseverance in the face of great difficulties in seeing this project through. Of course, no monument such as this can be completed without the talent, skill and dedication of our fellow design consultants at Arup; the stainless steel fabrication expertise of Radley Engineering led by Tom Radley and Greg Conarty; the Joint Venture contractor SIAC Radley and their sub-contractors. All great constructions depend upon the commitment and relationship between the Client, Design Team and Contractors.

Finally, a very big thank you to the people of Dublin for smiling and cheering so heartily twenty years ago, for it is they and future generations who will live with the Spire of Dublin, and we hope that it will truly symbolise optimism and hope for the future despite the ups and downs of the world of economics, climate and health. A future in which humanity will evolve to accommodate all sentient beings on our beautiful planet and its biosphere.

ritchie*studio is delighted to now be realising with the OPW the new Commemorative Bridge across the Liffey to the Memorial Gardens.