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Vicarage Field Barking CPOs Fail

We are pleased that the Planning Inspector has not confirmed any of the Compulsory Purchase Orders at Vicarage Field in Barking Town Centre submitted by the Acquiring Authority – The London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Council. The primary reasons given are (i) slow and inadequate negotiations over a three year period considering the CPO Guidance, and (ii)  the absence of evidence that the comprehensive development scheme is financially viable.  In conclusion the Inspector, Katie Mcdonald MSc MRTPI , stated that the CPO was not proportionate or justified in the public interest, although she recognised the need for the redevelopment of Barking Town Centre.

Ian Ritchie acted as the architectural and urban design expert witness on behalf of the NHS property represented by Chris Young KC, and to Mr Ali Asghar Kadkhodayi Kholgi regarding his hotel property represented by David Elvin KC. In his evidence Ian was unconvinced by the scheme’s design of 138,000m2. It offered no affordable housing at all, and little public realm improvement. Rather, it consisted of a lot of expensive private housing (81,750m2 = circa 900 units), in five perimeter blocks and six towers, set upon a podium with private landscaping twelve metres above the street.