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Renewal Architects

An account of the history and transformation of the 1951 Art Deco Farsons Old Brewhouse buildings in Malta is the inspiration behind Renewal Architects being published by Unicorn on the 1st of June 2023. This book explains the thinking and design behind the gardens-courtyards-campus masterplan and architecture created by – ritchie*studio – led by Ian Ritchie and realised in collaboration with Alex Torpiano’s engineering focused Maltese practice TBA Periti, and environmental physicist Doug King. Inspired by Maltese palace gardens, coloured highlights of the islands vernacular buildings and designing with nature’s own ‘laser’ – the sun – this utterly contemporary mixed-use commercial architecture is a masterpiece of form, light and shade, sustainability and environmental engineering.
Richard England, the celebrated Maltese architect wrote:
“It is perhaps the finest building our island has seen over many a decade. It proves that real estate development can be produced enriched with what Vitruvius termed ‘Venustas’. Rarely has Malta seen architecture of this excellence.”
This is the third publication by Unicorn in a series which began with Neural Architects in 2017, followed by Musical Architects in 2021.