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South Facing Festival 2021

The iconic Crystal Palace Concert Platform is the setting for this August’s South Facing Festival 2021.

The Crystal Palace Park Trust has been granted a 15-year lease for the Concert Platform. ritchie*studio has put together a feasibility study proposal to make the concert platform more than a stage and changing accommodation for performers during a couple of summer months into a facility that will become a base for the wider community ensuring its use all-year round. The stage and power infrastructure will be renovated during September 2021 and the major works undertaken in 2022. Separately, ritche*studio, working with Atelier 1 and Atelier 10 with whom we developed the concert platform, will design a new temporary performance structure for South Facing to meet South Facing’s requirements for their annual August Festival.

Among the performers at the venue this summer are:

Dizzee Rascal & The Outlook Orchestra, Supergrass, The Streets, Max Richter, The English National Opera…


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