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Furniture in Architecture Book – Luke Hughes

Furniture in Architecture The Work of Luke Hughes has been published by Thames & Hudson, 2020.

It features bespoke furniture, carrels, indoor and outdoor tables and benches designed collaboratively with Luke Hughes for the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour at UCL.

Luke Hughes: “I’ve worked with Ian on six separate projects. He has confidence in us – he’s a very demanding architect who knows how to achieve incredibly high standards. Although there’s very little in the building that is like anything else we have done, the intellectual approach was the same. It’s about making the building work. Using technology and materials in a clever way, drawing on knowledge from an entirely different source – it all came together in a way you would never have expected without a really good client and a really good architect. How to synthesize all the things Ian knows as an architect, how to get our own brains in gear to synthesize everything we know, and then make something better than everyone expected. That’s the joy of it.”