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(Well) Connected Architecture

(Well) Connected Architecture - book coverArchitecture is the art and science of construction for human purpose, and must reveal humanity.

This book offers a unique insight into the ethos, ethics and key issues informing the work of Ian Ritchie Architects. It also explores the design process and wider forces that determine the pluralism of today’s architecture, and so in turn affect the individual.

Ian Ritchie reveals the way in which the practice approaches architectural design and the execution of each project, tailored by the original pre-concept: a holistic expression of the project’s essence. A diverse range of projects is used to illustrate different aspects of the design process in relation to architecture, art, urban planning, landscape design, civil and structural engineering, applied science and industrial design. The benefits of collaboration emerge clearly in the book. It demonstrates how a better, more valid and flexible architecture can be achieved by access to scientific and technical knowledge, breaking down barriers between different disciplines, and greater awareness of social and ecological issues.

It is available to purchase from Ian Ritchie Architects in both English and German.