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Ian Ritchie – Technoecology

Ian Ritchie’s distinctive architectural career, marked by experimentation, technological innovation and attention to ecological resources, is explored in this volume. In 1981 Ritchie simultaneously opened his Paris engineering firm – RFR – in partnership with Peter Rice and Martin Francis, and his own architectural office – Ian Ritchie Architects – in London.

In collaboration with other architects and engineers, RFR worked on projects including parts of the Science Museum at la Villette, the Louvre Glass Pyramids and roofs of the Sculpture Courts, L’Arche de la Défense, and the TGV terminus at the Charles de Gaulle Airport. At the time the book was published Ian Ritchie Architects’ projects included Stockley Park offices, Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, the Ecology Gallery at the Natural History Museum in London, the Terrasson Cultural Greenhouse in France, and the Leipzig Glass Hall in Germany.

It is available to purchase from ritchie*studio.